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Wellness lounge

After a long day on the numerous hiking tracks, you are welcome to relax in our cosy wellness area. A Turkish steam bath, a Finnish sauna, a recovering area and a choice of relaxing massages are waiting for you.


The Turkish steam bath has its origins, as the name already reveals, in Turkey, where it is also known as “Hamam”. Temperatures between 40 and 50° and air humidity around 100 percent are the perfect condition to achieve a regeneration of the body.


The Finnish sauna is made of wood, which is heated between 80 and 90°. With only 10 percent of air humidity, the Finnish sauna can be considered as very dry. With this conditions, the body experiences a high perspiration and an increase of the body temperature up to 40°. The heat is a healthy treatment for the body as it stimulates the reduction of harmful substances in the body. Due to the high temperatures it is recommended to not exceed the 2-3 repetitions with 10 minutes each.


Recover in our lovingly furnished relaxation room with a fantastic view to the Dolomites of South Tyrol. Enjoy the sun by having a sunbath in our garden, in the nature under the Rosengarten.


Massages are healing treatments for body and soul. We recommend you to book your massage together with your reservation.



Wellness in the Nature Park Hotel Stefaner-Tiers

After a long hiking day, you can relax in our small but comfortable Wellness area