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Climbing path to the Kesselkogel mountain


Time: 4,5 Hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Height difference: 400m

Start point: Grasleiten Pass
End Point: Kesselkogel

At the Grasleiten Pass, you need to take a right turn, walking across rubble and rocks until you come to the rocky walls of the Kesselkogel. The first part along the rock is not secured by a wire rope. Soon you will reach the secure wire rope section. From there, go down the ladder and follow the wire rope, which leads you to a normal stretch of land where you can safely walk. After this, you come to a number of secured steps, which lead you to the large West Wall line. Follow the line until you reach the summit ridge. You are only minutes from the summit cross of the Kesselkogel mountain (3,002 metres). Take care, as the last part has no security.

Take some time to enjoy the view of the surrounding peaks.

There are two possibilities you can choose from for your descent. The first variant is the same way you just came. The second and somewhat more demanding variant runs along the East face of the Kesselkogel mountain.

With the help of wire rope you come to a line of rocks, which will lead you to two iron ladders. Use them to come to a saddle, from where you walk across a field of rocks into the valley basin of Antermoia. In order to reach the Grasleiten Pass from here, you need to take the demanding route to the Antermoja Pass (2,770 metres).

Note: You can reach the Grasleiten pass from Weisslahnbad/Lavina Bianca via the Tschamin Valley. In addition, you will need climbing equipment in order to conquer the Kesselkogel mountain.