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In King Laurin’s footsteps


Time: approximately 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Height difference: 400 m

Start point: bus stop at Hotel Stefaner
End Point: Vajolett towers and Hanicker Schweige

In the mountains to the east of Bozen, there lived a small, but very rich nation of dwarves’, so the legend goes. This particular hiking route runs through the legendary region once belonging to King Laurin.

The tour starts right at Hotel Stefaner. At different times of the day, the local bus will transport you to the Niger hut. This is approximately a 12 minute drive. From there, you start the legendary hiking route. Follow path numbers 1 and 7. The path leads you straight into a lonesome mountain area. You will not come across any difficult passages. The finishing point of the hiking trip is the paradise-like Alpine landscape at the foot of the Vojalet Towers. It is said that King Laurin’s castle was once hidden inside these towers. The beautiful rose gardens were supposedly right outside the towers …and they were the king’s pride and joy.

At the start, the path leads you for 30 minutes through spruce forests and then makes a strong right turn onto path # 7. After crossing the Breibach canyon, you slowly but surely come closer to breath-taking scenery. First of all, you will reach the Angel meadows and then the Hanicker Schweige. Enjoy the view towards the blooming mountain slopes. They are rich in fire lilies, orchids and various Alpine flowers.


The legend:

At the foot of the mighty King-Laurin-Wall you can experience the old legend. ‘Laurin was one of the bravest fighters, who despite his small size was not afraid of anyone. In addition ,a magical hat and belt gave supernatural powers to the king. There was a princess called Similde. King Laurin asked for her hand in marriage. However, her father refused the proposal. King Laurin decided to kidnap the princess instead and kept her captive in his beloved rose garden. All the knights living in the surrounding area searched for Similde. When they came across the beautiful rose garden with its golden silky appearance, they were astonished. As one of them damaged the garden during a rescue attempt, a war began between Laurin and Knight Dietrich. Laurin lost the battle despite his powerful belt and Similde was able to flee. From that moment, Laurin no longer had any friendsand he cried: ‘Never ever will these roses bloom again, neither by day or night.’ But he forgot about dawn…and for this reason, the ragged towers of the Rosengarten reflect their colour at the time of sunset with an ever increasing beauty.’