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Nature Park / hiking regions

The Schlern-Rosengarten/Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park consists of the village areas of Völs/Fiè, Kastelruth/Castelrotto and Tiers/Tires, as well as the entire Tschamina Valley.


The Nature Park derives its name from the Schlern/Sciliar mountain range (2,563 metres), with its two highest summits Santner and Euringer as the symbols of South Tyrol. It extends over an area of 6,796 hectare and forms a natural unity with the Seiser Alm/Alpe di Siusi natural protection area (55 hectare).


The Nature Park is popular for its diversity of flora and fauna. Red crossbills, willow tits, golden eagles and alpine chaughs are not just a curiosity in this area. In the area around the Schlern you can also find prides of chamois.
The flora shows an impressive diversity of woodland crocus, alpine roses, primeroses and alpine sea thrifts. The Schlern itself is surrounded by a mixed forest of pinewood.


The Rosengarten/Catinaccio is located on the right side near the Schlern and is considered as a part of the Nature Park Schlern-Rosengarten since 2003.

The beautiful Sciliar in the dolomites-tiers, South Tyrol

The nature park is an ideal hiking area.