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Places worth seeing

In and around Tiers/Tires, there are a number of castles, fortresses, chapels, churches and museums, waiting for your visit. The following only a few:

St. Zyprian and Justina chapel – Tiers.

This chapel was built in a Late-Romanic style during the 13th Century and is the oldest church in the valley. The altar is a treasure from an art-historic point of view. Its centrepiece depicts Cyprian and Justina, the patrons of the church.

Steinegg Museum.

It is especially worth seeing the Steinegg/Collepietra Folk Museum, which puts you on an unforgettable journey through Tyrol’s history. The old drawing rooms, bedrooms and work chambers offer vivid insight into the life of previous generations. Very precise details are shown in the exhibits about farming life, deep-rooted religion, some almost forgotten crafts and professions, as well as painful memories of the war. This museum is particularly unique due to its valuable statues and other sacred treasures.

Location: Steinegg

Driving time: 45 minutes

Distance: 33.4 km

Romanic style during the 13th Century in Tiers

Chaple in St. Zyprian

Castle Prösels – Völs am Schlern.

Castle Prösel/Presule is a fortress from the Middle Ages. It can be visited throughout the year. During the summer months, there are cultural events organised, such as concerts, exhibitions and outdoor theatre.

Location: Völs

Can be reached by public transport.

Gummer Sternwarte.

A special South Tyrolean experience is a visit to the ‘Max Valier‘ observatory, with the ‘Peter Anich‘ sun observatory. From here, you get fascinating insight into space, great views of the sun and tips about practical everyday astronomy.

The dome houses a Cassergrain reflector telescope, which enables you to see numerous objects in the sky, normally invisible to the human eye.

There is a ‘path of the planets’. about 7 km long, presenting you with display panels and information about our sun system.

Location: Gummer

Driving time: 40 min

Distance: 36 km

Völs at the Sciliar in South Tyrol - Castle Prösels

Castle Prösels – Völs am Schlern.