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Tiers at the Rosengarten

The small village of Tiers/Tires is situated at the foot of the Schlern/Sciliar mountain and the Rosengarten/Catinaccio, about 1,028 metres above sea level. The following hamlets are part of the village: St. Zyprian, Weisslahnbad/Lavina Bianca and Völser Aicha. Moreover you can have a walk on Europe's biggest wooded hill, right on the are of Tiers. 


Tiers and its surrounding area are interesting all year round. You will find tracks for hiking, climbing and swimming to skiing, slopes for cross-country skiing and other winter sport activities.


A particular highlight is the colour-play at the Rosengarten/Catinaccio during the evenings. If the weather conditions are right, the evening sky and the mountains turn into a very deep red.

Wood and greens In the rosengarten area-Dolomites

Tires at the foot of the Sciliar and the Rosengarten