The Stefaner Hotel in South Tyrol in the Dolomites - Italy.

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Tiers - an Alpine Pearl of the Alps

In harmony with the environment: experience of nature, tradition and soft mobility – enjoy your holiday to the fullest and do good for the environment simultaneously.

As a member of the cooperation Alpine Pearls, the community Tiers is always striving to ensure soft-mobile, sustainable and thus environmentally conscious holidays in unspoiled countryside.
Environment, sustainability and climate protection are at the center of the cooperation Alpine Pearls - soft mobility takes top priority. For this reason sustainable transport, business and tourism concepts should enable a new form of quality of life. The Nature Park Hotel Stefaner in Tiers supports this philosophy and has therefore been assigned as an Alpine Pearls host.

Alpine Pearls promise of quality

Because our environment is worth it! So that climate protection and sustainability remain no empty promises, Alpine Pearls - 27 vacation spots in the most beautiful regions of the Alps and their hosts – has set concrete objectives and explored new avenues.

Alpine Pearls stands for:

  • environmentally friendly tourism of the highest quality
  • holidays without car
  • attractive offers around fun and leisure mobility
  • creation of pedestrian-friendly areas such as parks and walking trails 
  • service around holiday mobility
  • special Alpine Pearls packages promote sustainable mobility
  • active conservation to alternative energy supply 
  • promotion of culinary and cultural diversity (Alpine culture, traditions, art, regional cuisine)
  • protection of typical regional, aesthetic townscapes with alpine character
The holiday region around the Latmat - Tiers

Apine Pearls - soft-mobile, sustainable and thus environmentally conscious holidays in unspoiled countryside

Tiers at the Rosengarten, the small Alpine Pearl, ensures therefore an environmentally friendly, culturally diverse and climate-friendly holiday experience. Sustainable tourism, eco-friendly travel and a high standard of sustainability are combined here with conscious relaxation and extraordinary nature experiences to a special holiday!