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A piece of joy & a dash of kindness

The scent of wild thyme is in the air ...

…combined with the stringent aroma of dandelions. Many plants grow and thrive in our wild herb garden: pungent rosemary, spicy wild garlic and watercress, healthy Good King Henry, flavoursome nettles and sweet chamomile. All these help to create tasty and attractive dishes, in line with our policy of using locally-sourced high quality ingredients. And we also make a choice of delicious liqueurs, using our own herbs, elderberries or walnuts. Georg Villgrattner's excellent cuisine is sure to satisfy all your senses!

Fresh products
Main course

The magic words: breakfast's ready!

Top up your vitamins with our breakfast buffet, enjoy our daily 5-course menu and our homemade bread ... small local pleasures to delight your taste-buds! Because when landlord and chef Georg Villgrattner sets to work at the stove, you can be sure that the results will leave you happy and satisfied.

What really matters: 
being aware of what you eat and where it comes from

We use meat and dairy products from local butchers and cheese-makers. Our jams, syrups and berries are from mountain lodges in the area, and our high quality coffee is from Torrefazione Caroma, a coffee roaster based in Fiè allo Sciliar. The bakery in Tires supplies us with fresh bread every morning, while local traders provide our fruit and vegetables. The fine wines we offer come from surrounding vineyards.

Regional producers
Regional salat

We promote sustainability

The use of locally-sourced seasonal produce avoids the need for surplus transport, which causes emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition, buying local products helps to promote our region and its values.

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