Eco-friendly Holidays in South Tyrol

Travelling sustainably &
lodging in harmony with nature.

Breathe in. breathe out.

Enjoy the crisp mountain air. Travel in a healthy and sustainable way. Live life to the full! Explore on foot or by bike. The stylish Boutique Hotel Stefaner is at a height of 1140 metres, in the tourist resort of Tires. It nestles among alpine pastures and forests in the land of the legendary King Laurino.


By the way, did you know that ...

… Tires al Catinaccio has many different facets? For example there's the thick forest, rising to a height of 1700 metres.

… the change in climate is particularly interesting. Within the space of 30 minutes, you can walk from a height of 200 metres, with typical Mediterranean flora, to an alpine setting with carpets of mountain flowers.

… over 1000 rare species of alpine flower are protected within the Sciliar-Catinaccio nature park. These include the flower we adopted as our emblem: the Venus Slipper - one of the loveliest wild orchids in the alpine kingdom.

Boutique Hotel Stefaner

Our strategic position means your car can also enjoy a well-earned rest! Indeed, there are lots of natural attractions right outside our front door, with tourist sights and hiking trails accessible on foot or just a short bus ride away (the bus stop is opposite our hotel), allowing you the pleasure of a car-free holiday.

Re. the buses:

At the hotel, you will receive a free South Tyrol Guest Pass MobilCard, 
which gives you a number of advantages 
including free use of all public transport in South Tyrol.



New: Südtirol Transfer

Travelling to South Tyrol by bus & train is now even better and less complicated. The new connection shuttle Südtirol Transfer takes you from the train station and bus station in South Tyrol directly to Hotel Stefaner! Find out more

Car-free holiday:

a small selection of hikes 
starting straight from the hotel

Val Ciamin

"There is no valley in the south-eastern Alps that is wilder or more beautiful than the Ciamin Valley" ... The poet Heinrich Noè wrote this on his travels.

As you walk, you will come to gurgling streams, and encounter some impressive geological formations and lovely alpine meadows, but one thing will be a constant presence: the majestic Dolomites towering above you.

Val Ciamin

The Mount Cavone Refuge (1737 m)

On this scenic excursion, you will see the best side of the Catinaccio Group, the Torri del Vajolet, the Sciliar and the Latemar.

Mount Cavone Refuge

Malga Plafötsch (Plafötsch Mountain Hut) (1570 m)

Something different! This hike takes you from shady forest to flower-filled meadows, leading on to the foot of Mount Catinaccio and up to the Plafötsch Mountain Hut, in a spectacular position in the Sciliar-Catinaccio nature park.

Plafötsch Mountain Hut

Malga Costa - Haniger (Costa-Haniger Mountain Hut) (1904 m)

Leaving straight from Hotel Stefaner, you walk through shady forest to the Nigra Pass, and continue under Mount Catinaccio until the Costa - Haniger Mountain pasture. On your return, you can stop off at the Plafötsch Mountain Hut: two wonderful excursions in one go!

Costa-Haniger Mountain Hut

Alpe di Tires Refuge (2440 m)

Starting from the hotel, this route takes you through the wild Val Ciamin to the Rechter Leger clearing, past the "Bärenloch" (Bear's Lair) and up to the Alpe di Tires refuge. On the way back, you will get delightful views of the Alpe di Siusi. For the final leg, you can take the train or bus.

Alpe di Tires Refuge

Bergamo Refuge (2165 m)

Highly recommended! From the hotel, you walk through the wild Val Ciamin to the Rechter Leger clearing, and up along an idyllic trail to the Bergamo Refuge. The refuge is an excellent starting point for various two-day hikes. For example, you can walk across the Grasleiten basin to the Fronza alle Coronelle Refuge; take the cable car to the Frommer Mountain Hut and then the bus back to the hotel.

Bergamo Refuge

Frommer Mountain Hut - Fronza alle Coronelle Refuge - Hirzelweg Trail to the Paolina or Roda di Vael Refuge

Definitely a very special scenic route! Your starting point: the bus stop opposite the hotel. You travel up to the Frommer Mountain Hut and then take the cable car to the Fronza alle Coronelle Refuge. From here, you follow the splendid Hirzelweg trail to the Paolina or Roda di Vael Refuge.

Frommer Mountain Hut

Baita Messnerjoch (Messnerjoch Lodge

Who would like a scenic view of the Western Alps, all the way up to the Ortles? You start from the hotel, and walk through the delightfully shady Nigra Valley to the Nigra Pass, and then up to the Messnerjoch mountain lodge.

Messnerjoch Lodge
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