Boutique & Hiking Hotel - Rosengarten / Catinaccio

Where to find wild orchids,
dolomite & alpenglow

Antique piece of furniture

Wind chimes. Joyful chirping. Gently babbling water. Soothing peace ...

Scents. Sparkling alpine air. Thyme. Rosemary. Mint. Orchids. Mountain flowers.

Special moments. Meeting others at the Stefaner Hotel. The splendour of the Catinaccio Group.

Impressions. Simplicity. Kind hospitality. A meticulous attention to detail.

Welcome to our boutique hotel for hikers at Tires al Catinaccio. The soft, stylish flooring absorbs any noise, and a feeling of well-being suffuses your whole body. A warm welcome from your hostess; with her genuine enquiry about the relaxing holiday you are anticipating, she devotes time to you and accompanies you to your room.
Because first impressions count.


Velvety fabrics, paintings that almost come to life, skilfully carved wooden figures, huge expanses of brightly coloured flowers and native orchids reflect the unique character of the Stefaner Hotel at Tires, right below the Catinaccio Group in South Tyrol. Tradition and modernity combine with a feeling of intimacy. Personal touches. Sincerity. A home from home. Life-enhancing. Warmth. You feel relaxed right from the start in this beautiful natural setting. It is sure to exceed your expectations, and will long live on in your memory.

Our rooms
Blütenmeer Komfortzimmer

Sea of flowers
Comfort room

ca. 23 m² / from 85 €


Wilde Orchidee Mansardenzimmer

Wild orchid
Mansard room

ca. 23 m² / from 87 €


Waldlichtung Kuschelnest

Sweet nest
in a glade

ca. 16 m² / from 81 €


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