Climbing in the Dolomites

Above the clouds Freedom awaits!

You are like tightrope walkers, acrobats on the rocks. You love the excitement and challenge of climbing, you know all about hooks and carabiners. Climbing on the Catinaccio, and in the Dolomites in general, has long been on your to-do list.


Perhaps you have only taken up this sport recently, but you already have a sureness of step and are not afraid of sheer drops. Whether you decide to tackle the Catinaccio d'Antermoia crossing, or to climb the Santner Pass via ferrata, one thing always remains unchanged: the incredible scenic views of the Dolomites and the surrounding valleys. And at the end of a wonderful day, when you're tired and glad to feel the ground beneath your feet again, you can admire the red peaks of the Catinaccio from the comfort of Hotel Stefaner.

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Vie ferrate
Climbing excursion

Enjoy freedom:

Climbing on the Catinaccio and in the Dolomites

  • The Masarè Via Ferrata
    Duration: 4.5 h; Length: 6 km; Change in level: 420 m; Difficulty: medium
  • Croda Rossa Crossing
    Duration: 4.5 h; Length: 6 km; Change in level: 650 m; Difficulty: medium
  • Santner Pass Via Ferrata
    Duration: 5 h; Length: 7 km; Change in level: 830 m; Difficulty: medium
  • The Maximilian Via Ferrata
    Duration: 6.5 h; Length: 13.5 km; Change in level: 620 m; Difficulty: medium
  • Catinaccio d'Antermoia Crossing
    Duration: 9.5 h; Length: 11.5 km; Change in level: 1,03 m; Difficulty: difficult
  • The Laurenzi Via Ferrata
    Duration: 9.5 h; Length: 18 km; Change in level: 1,290 m; Difficulty: difficult
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