Hiking pleasure in the Dolomites

Entering a path, Embracing nature & yourself…

Get up early in the morning and do some stretching exercises. Put on your slippers, and enjoy breakfast in peace and comfort. And then? Lace up your hiking boots, hoist your backpack, and off we go! You can set off on your day's hiking straight away, by simply going out of the main door, because many paths and walks in the Dolomites (a UNESCO Natural Heritage site) start right outside Hotel Stefaner.

Our services for you:

  • Guided hikes per week
  • Hire of trekking poles and backpacks
  • Drying room
  • Packed lunch on request
  • South Tyrol Guest Pass

Brilliant green meadows, shady woodland, lush fields - you're sure to be entranced. Explore the unspoiled paths and the well-known walks, following in the footsteps of King Laurin. Along the way, you'll pass historical sites, and encounter some wonderful natural scenery and breathtaking scenic views.

Make sure you visit: the old Venetian sawmill (Steger Säge) and museum at the visitor centre. You'll experience the tremendous power of water at close hand and see how this force is harnessed to cut through tree trunks.

A pleasure for all the senses:

Walking through a lovely natural setting

  • The "Steger Säge" and Tschamin Schwaige Mountain Hut
    Duration: 1 h; Length: 7 km; Change in level: 250 m; Difficulty: easy
  • To the Völsegg viewpoint
    Duration: 1.5 hrs.; Length: 4 km; Change in level: 210 m; Difficulty: easy
  • Hike "In the Footsteps of King Laurin"
    Duration: 3 h; Length: 7 km; Change in level: 400 m; Difficulty: medium
  • Historical Trail
    Duration: 4.5 h; Length: 13.2 km; Change in level: 740 m; Difficulty: medium
  • Hotel Stefaner - Völsegg - Monte Cavone - Cima Völsegg - Hotel Stefaner
    Duration: 4 h; Length: 10.5 km; Change in level: 650 m; Difficulty: medium
  • Hiking circuit: The Aica di Fiè farm trail (Oachner Höfeweg)
    Duration: 4.5 h; Length: 13.3 km; Change in level: 520 m; Difficulty: medium
  • The Hirzl Trail
    Duration: 2 h; Length: 8.3 km; Change in level: 300 m; Difficulty: medium
  • Ski lifts
    from the Frommer Mountain hut to the Catinaccio/Fronza Refuge at Coronelle - from the Costalunga Pass to the Paolina Refuge (open in summer and winter)
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