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Sincere & down to earth.
Hoteliers of passion.

"What we wish for you: to experience nature with all your senses, to appreciate it in every way, to feel at home in our hotel and enjoy complete relaxation. It's your beaming smile that encourages us and helps us to improve."
The Villgrattner family


The Venus Slipper orchid, a listed species, rises from the alpine pastures of the Dolomites and amazes everyone with its beauty. We have adopted it as our emblem, because just as this beautiful flower is protected by its velvety petals, so we hope our guests at the Hotel Stefaner will feel wrapped in the kindness of our hospitality.

Regional products

Mathilde it is not only a specialist producer of grappa and liqueurs, but also the "good fairy" of the house. She takes care of the guests and helps resolve their problems. You might meet her anywhere in the hotel, because just as you're thinking "Is anyone there?" she'll appear as if by magic!

Georg is the magician in our kitchen. He's an enthusiastic cook and a real foodie. And he also enjoys chatting to the guests.

Renate, the youngest, is passionate about bees and honey, and always has a smile and time to listen to our guests. And when help is needed, she'll be there!

Armin, our son and the family philosopher, spends much of his time abroad, but often returns home. During his visits to Tires, he likes to spend time with our guests and is good at solving any technical problems.

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